Ian Kalin for School Board

Message to Supporters (August 23rd, 2016)

Hello Friends,

Our campaign is ramping into a full sprint!

After months of preparation we’re just days away from pushing our campaign message across four different media platforms throughout the City, telling the story about how the school system needs new leadership that will fight for every student.  It may seem early, but the majority of the people that vote for School Board candidates vote by mail and do it by mid-October.

We’re excited to get a boost of support with an endorsement from BART Director Nick Josefowitz, whom you may remember ran a very innovative campaign to unseat San Francisco’s last elected Republican in 2014. Nick is setting a great example for how new leadership can effectively strengthen institutions, save money and provide higher quality service. I'm honored to have his endorsement. 

Our campaign also received this great statement from San Francisco Supervisor and State Senate Candidate Scott Wiener:

“Ian's data-driven leadership will deliver improved accountability for our school district, and his deep experience working at every level of government will help empower schools with needed resources.  Ian understands the needs of our teachers, staff, students, and families, and he will effectively work to ensure that all kids have access to a great public education.”

Thanks Scott!

Looking ahead, there are still many ways for you to support our exciting campaign. For example, come join a party this week at the home of a local political legend, Alex Mitra. He’s going to cook his famous Filipino stew! Please also consider donating to our campaign and hosting a gathering of your friends and co-workers.

I really appreciate your continued support and look forward to sharing more fun news soon.